SPRING EVENT: have a look at the mood video and the presentations!

The Belgian Nuclear Forum and its members would like to thank you for attending our Spring Event. We were very happy to see you all there and to thank you we have created a mood video so you can relive the night! If you are interested to see and share the three presentations, you can watch them on this web page as well.

Relive the Spring Event in 1,5 minute

Watch this short mood video to get a glimpse of our Spring Event, the speakers, the audience and the great atmosphere!

Dennis Elema (SCK·CEN):
Clustering knowhow and expertise
the NURA project

Dennis Elema is working at the SCK·CEN in Mol as Research and Innovation Manager. Dennis has a scientific background in experimental nuclear physics and has 15 years of experience within the field of radiopharmaceuticals from different positions in Denmark. Since 2017 he has been managing the NURA project at SCK•CEN that focuses on radiopharmaceutical research and manufacturing of therapeutic medical radioisotopes.

Bérénice Pignol (IRE):
IRE & SCK·CEN – a Belgian collaboration with a global impact

Bérénice Pignol works as Marketing & Communication manager at IRE in Fleurus. She has a Business school degree with a specialty in Health Management. Bérénice started her career in pure pharmaceuticals, at Astrazeneca and Novartis in France. Bérénice joined the IRE as product manager 4 year ago.

In her presentation, Bérénice addresses the unique and successful collaboration between IRE and SCK·CEN, and the various radiopharmaceuticals that are the result of this collaboration, thus providing 25 percent of the global market for radiopharmaceuticals.

Zéna Wimana (Institut Jules Bordet):
A pioneering collaboration for molecular imaging and treatment

Zéna Wimana obtained her PhD in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical sciences from the Université Libre de Bruxelles, where she currently teaches radiopharmacy. She became the coordinator of the radiopharmacy department of the Jules Bordet Institute and contributed to the introduction of several radiopharmaceuticals in Belgium. Zéna is also a board member in different scientific and professional associations, including the Belgian Association of Radiopharmaceutical Reasearch (BARR), under the umbrella of the Belgian nuclear medicine society (BelNuc).

In her presentation, Zéna explains how 1 single agent (theranostics) provide at the same time a diagnosis and a treatment for cancer patients. As such these theranostics are the answer to a need for a more personalised and tailor made approach in cancer treatment.